Yay! You have a beautiful new, perfectly functioning website.  Now what? Just sit back and enjoy right? Well, not exactly. 

Think of your website as a living part of your business.  After all, you want you business to grow right? Well, you want your website to grow as well.  You might want to change out pictures, add blog posts, add a page, add another feature like a video or FAQ page. If you have a store you are constantly going to be updating products.

You've also just put time, energy and money into getting your online presence just how you want it. We would like to see you keep it that way or, better yet, make it continually better. 

So, you have 2 choices for maintenance.  Either you do it, or we do it. Here are your options:

You Take Care of Your Site

We have many clients who are naturals at taking care of their own editing needs, and that may just be you. If you feel comfortable with posting blogs, navigating the Wix editor, creating a page, for example, you may be just fine on your own.  And don't forget you'll have to format the mobile view, and do any new SEO as well. If you get into a jam we are always here with a QUICK FIX.  A QUICK FIX is where you can hire us for an hour on a one-off basis to make a change you need done quickly.

Need a little bit more than an Quick Fix? See below for blocks of hours that you can purchase - good for a whole year.

We Take Care of Your Site

Leave it to us. You have your business to look after and that's what you should be spending your time on. Let us worry about making sure your website is perfect, SEO is running well, and your mobile version (so important these days!) is flawless.

We have several options for how many hours a month we will spend on your site and you can choose which suits you best - we can always change as we go along.

Monthly Maintenace Plans ensure your site is always up to date and running perfectly.
Choose to purchase your Maintenance in a block of hours that last a year. Update whenever you want.