• Birit Trematore

Getting Started with Us on Social Media

How to set up Later.com and tips for your business social media accounts.

Posting on social media is great fun, and most of us do it regularly on our personal accounts.

But, when you have to post every day in your business account, what was fun can become a stressful daily grind resulting in an uneven, messy looking account that will make your viewers think your business is messy as well.

That's where we come in! Hand your social media postings over to professionals, and spend your valuable time building your business and doing what you do best.

Here are some next steps:

  1. Watch the video to find out how to set up your account on our post scheduler.

  2. Set up any social media accounts you would like. We suggest 1-2 to start with. Remember you will still have to engage with any comments you receive, so better to start small. You can always add more.

  3. Set up your new social accounts in Later.com and share your login info with us.

That's about it!

It takes us about 1-2 weeks for us to get your posts started after you fill out our social media brief telling us about your business.

Let us know if you want anything special (a particular promotion for a particular month) at least one month in advance so that we can schedule it it.

And then enjoy engaging with all your new followers!

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