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Need a Cat in a Bathtub?

Do you want your website to POP? Do you want it to look current, expensive and sophisticated? Okay, so maybe that's not exactly where the cat in the bathtub comes in. I just couldn't resist those skinny little legs.

These days your website needs amazing images to stand out. Outstanding quality, professional, high resolution photographs.

That don't look like stock pictures.

So, where do you get such gems when all you have is your phone and the light in the kitchen?

Here are 3 terrific resources for free photos that look unique and professional.

These 3 are also all "searchable". This means that they allow you to enter a word like "kale" (ah, my other love) and get pictures related to that specific word. Very useful, as many of these free sights are not searchable.

Here you go, but beware... you can get hooked looking through these stunning archives.


Started by a college student in 1996, Morguefile.com takes its name from the dead files of the newspaper business.

Brilliant photographs.

I searched a number of odd words and found lovely images for everything.


Pixabay bills itself as the most popular public domain stock photo site. And, with good reason. Beautiful photos, illustrations, vector graphics and videos. You could build a site just using this resource.

You can join Pixabay.com and offer photographs for their use as well.


A free photo site started in 2013 by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek, Picjumbo has had almost 3 million images downloaded since then.

Picjumbo also has this cool little thing you can do with the pictures. It gives you a whole gallery of ideas as to different ways you can tweak and use the same photo on your site. Love this.

Picjumbo.com offers premium memberships with packs of extra gorgeous, members only photos every month.

So there you have some amazing free image ideas to use on your website, Instagram feed, Facebook page or whatever. Load one up to PicMonkey, throw on your best quote ever, and you've got a customized image to help brand your business.

Or better yet, let me do all that for you. I live for this stuff.

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