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Web Design Today - Lessons in Cool from Rolex

Website design trends just like any other business. After all, it is “design”. Original site content is king of course, but your look and feel goes a long way towards giving your customers a sense of who and what your brand stands for.

Think of it this way...

When your customers click on your home page do they immediately know that you are on the cutting edge ahead of your competitors? That you are a thought and action leader?

I was working the other day and needed some information on Rolex, so I headed over toRolex.com. Wow. They have created a site that embodies the current trends in design. Pretty impressive for a company over 100 years old.

Here are 3 things I saw liberally sprinkled around their site.

Wall to Wall Strips

Site wide strips divide web pages into clear, bold rectangular sections of content. Visually impressive, strips look so much more up to date than the old 2 or 3 column pages we have been looking at forever.

They can feature splashy, impressive images, large attention getting text blocks or huge video expanses. One caveat: your images must be a super high quality resolution, or the effect will backfire.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is when the background scrolls more slowly than the foreground. This gives your page a feeling of dimension and space, and adds elegance and ease of use for your precious customers. In my opinion, nothing says “now” like this method of layering a site.

The page you are on right now utilizes this effect. As you scroll up and down the grey blog post moves more quickly than the marble background.


For years animation has been a big no-no. Text and pictures on your site were supposed to appear instantly and stay static, to avoid creating too busy an atmosphere and turning off your customer.

Motion and transitions for web pages have come a long way. Smooth, subtle movement (I don’t mean any flying or twirling) creates a sleek look for your brand.

Who Should Use These Elements?

Pretty much anyone who has a product or service that is cutting edge – especially if it’s design oriented like clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, spa services, restaurants, retreats, home services or gyms. Any high end service or product would particularly want to utilize these elements.

Rolex may be 100 years old, but they are still rocking it as far as status goes – and their website reflects that fact. Does yours?

Call me today if you could use a brand new website that tells your customers you are the wave of the future.

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