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3 Reasons Why Social Media Can't Replace a Website

Why can't I just use Facebook or Instagram to get business? They're free, I don't need any help with them and everyone seems to use them these days.

I completely agree that social media is a facet of marketing that you must be engaged with in 2016. However, it's a mistake to use only social media as your marketing platform. And, here's why...

1. Social Media Comes and Goes

And always will. Remember MySpace? Well, eventually Facebook may fall out of favor as well, and has to a great degree with younger audiences. Right now Instagram is the hot place to be. Pinterest is still super popular as well. Which do you choose? Trying to work them all is impossibly time consuming.

Your stand-alone website will never go out of style and you can switch social media platforms at will.

2. You Control Your Site

You cannot control social media. That has become increasingly apparent with Facebook. It used to be so easy to market on Facebook. Well now the rules have changed and it's almost impossible to get your posts in front of a wide audience unless you pay for it.

Now that Facebook has purchased Instagram, I believe it's safe to say that Instagram will follow that path as well.

You control your site. Your reach is limited only to your imagination and the quality of your content.

3. We Still Google Everything

Is a Google search going to accurately find you on social media? What if a potential customer likes a face cream you make and searches the name of the product on Google. What will they find?

A potential customer is looking for piano lessons in your area and they search "piano lessons" and your city name on Google. Will your Facebook page come up in the results? Not likely.

Working on your own website SEO, and getting your site to rank highly, is still the best way to get found by customers who want to purchase your products or services.

An up-to-date, cutting edge website is still the cornerstone of your online presence.

Your website is your virtual brick and mortar store.

Social media is like the grocery store bulletin board on which you post your flyer, or the book club where you tell all about your latest venture. They point your customers to your real store - your website.

(Your website does not have to be complicated or expensive. I can help you get set up much more quickly and economically than you might think. Shoot me an email from the Contact page and let's talk!)

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