Your Forum page is a unique opportunity to directly interact with your site visitors right on your site.  And, your visitors will also be able to interact with each other.  You can actually build a community of followers in a Forum. You can create multiple categories related to your business and post links, information and tips within each category. Visitors can sign up for your Forum and create their own profiles within your site.

PLEASE NOTE: A Forum is not a "build it and forget it" page. You must have the time, and be willing to create posts, mention your Forum on social media, respond to as many of the posts as possible and generally moderate your Forum. A Forum is something you build and nuture. It is creating a community, and you need to take on the role as leader of that community.

Don't Forget! The best way to complete the blocks is to open them and take note of what is needed.  Then gather the information and go back to the form and upload it.  You cannot save the form as you go, so have all your content on hand when you want to complete the block.

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