Congratulations on getting started with your online ecommerce store! A store set up is a little more complex than most of the other pages, so make sure you gather all your information first before starting this module. The Ecwid store will offer you a very dynamic store, with lots of choices for customization.



Below you will find a link to download your Ecwid Store Spreadsheet on which to record all your products. Please fill that out with as many details as possible, passing over anything that does not relate to your product. If you are offering free shipping on everything, you don't need to record the length and width of your products, for example. But if your shipping is by size, you'll need that information.

Remember you can add as much as you want to your product descriptions. You can add images and video and well. For example, you could record a video of yourself talking about the product and add it to the description. Or, you could add a customer telling your new customers how great the product is, and how much it helped them.


Place all your product images in a shared Dropbox file. Name the images with the exact same name you will use in Column I of the Ecwid Store Spreadsheet. Group them by Category.


Next move on to the Ecwid Ecommerce Store module. It will give us all the details we will need to set up your store, and make it ready to sell your products so you can start taking orders right away.

Don't Forget! The best way to complete the blocks is to open them and take note of what is needed.  Then gather the information and go back to the form and upload it.  You cannot save the form as you go, so have all your content on hand when you want to complete the block.