Testimonials can be one of the most powerful additions to your website.  They are "social proof".  Proof from real people that you and your products are high quality and do what they say they will. Just think of how often you check the reviews on Amazon when you buy something. Every time, right?

You can have an entire Testimonials page, or sprinkle them on each page of your site (our favorite), or both.

Don't have any Testimonials? Don't be shy. Simply email your favorite happy customers, tell them you are building a website and ask them to give you a review. You'll be surprised how easy it is, and how happy people will be to supply you with a review to help your business become even more successful.

Don't Forget! The best way to complete the blocks is to open them and take note of what is needed.  Then gather the information and go back to the form and upload it.  You cannot save the form as you go, so have all your content on hand when you want to complete the block.

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