Welcome to Module 1 - Website Basics.  All our clients start out with this module.  You should breeze through this module as it's almost all information you know off the top of your head.

Even if we have discussed much of this information before we would like to get it all in one spot so that we can build your site in the speediest and most effecient manner possible.

The Pages + Features section will determine the structure of your site - and which other Modules we will be having you complete. 

If something doesn't make sense for your site leave it blank.  If you don't understand something - shoot us a message and we'll clarify.


At this time also set up a DropBox account.  It's free and super easy to use.  We will share a file there and all the images you place there we can use for your site.  Go to, watch the video there and sign up for a free account.  Use the email address that you use when writing to us. When you log in a folder will already be there with your name on it.  Simply drop your site images and written content into that folder and we'll be able to see it.  This way is much easier than you emailing all sorts of content and pictures to us.

Don't Forget! The best way to complete the blocks is to open them and take note of what is needed.  Then gather the information and go back to the form and upload it.  You cannot save the form as you go, so have all your content on hand when you want to complete the block.

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