How We Get Started - Let's Talk

First of all let's hop on a call and you can tell us all about your business. We need to know who your customers are, what you sell and how you sell it, have you ever had a site, what is the #1 goal of your website - everything.


At this time you can ask us all anything and everything you can think of about our business and how we are going to build your site for you.

Choose a Package + Fill Out Our Let's Get Started Form

Click HERE for our website design packages and choose the one that is right for you. If you have any questions about that shoot us a message.

Content Collection

Yay, you've accepted our quote! Now we can really get started. We will create a site layout based on your specific business needs, your color plalette and font choices. We will map out your site be it eCommerce, a restaurant or whatever you can dream up. The site layout will take into consideration the goal of your site - what you want your customer to do while they are there, maybe click "buy", call you or visit your store. Layout will also take into consideration search engines and who they like sites to look.


We will then send you the layout and you will get a chance to give us your feedback on our design.

Main Site Build

Okay, so we've got the layout and incorporated your feedback. Now it's time to put all your pictures and text content into the right places. You will have placed your images and text in a Dropbox file we share. This is where your site comes alive. We will put meat on the bones of the layout and your site will look very complete at this stage. Again, we will send it to you for feedback.

Finishing Touches

Almost there! We incorporate your final feedback, complete the SEO and format the site for mobile devices.  Your domain name is connected.  If you have a bookings, eCommerce or hotel site we hook up a few more things. You'll probably want to plan how to take care of your site maintenance at this point as well.  And then thats it - you are LAUNCHED and ready to do business.  Go ahead and share your gorgeous new site on social media.