I had a wonderful time last Monday meeting all of you and hearing about your projects.  Keep working and keep learning.  Let's build this community!

Please open these Facebook links right now and do 2 things:

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Join the Wix Hampton Roads Support group.



Download this Cheat Sheet of all the free resource links I (and Chris!) talked about at the meetup.


Great discount on my SEO SETUP. If SEO is something you'd really just rather leave to someone else - let me do it all for you. 

What we will do for you...

- research and choose your 5 site keywords

- write all your page descriptions

- write all your page names

- run the Wix SEO Wiz

- submit your site to Google

- write Alt Text for all the images on your site

Bonus! We will write 15 hashtags for your Instagram account.



Our next meetup will be in early November, 2017.  Go to Wix Hampton Roads and subscribe for a heads up when the date is set.

Want to talk about doing a project with us? That's great. We can answer whatever questions you have.